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NKZone was made by Nessy Mathew on October 13, 2004. Layout is premade by Blogdrive. NK stands for Nestea Kool. The idea for the name of the site came from my nickname my friends Esther and Yuen gave me, Nestea Kool, and the word Zone came from the idea of having my own collection, my own place, my own 'zone'. The idea for my TCG Collection came from my great friend Yuen. She made one and I decided to check it out. I looked at it and was interested. so I decided to join TCGs.

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Nov 26, 2004

If you join Sagashite24, be sure to refer me on the form, Nessy!

Currently Looking For: Girls13,  Girls15, Girls17, Girls24
1st Choices: Girls, Sibling, Ayu
2nd Choices: Magic, Dear, Kimochi, Demon

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11/26: Recieved 200 koki from Feeling Lucky?

10/31: Yay! I finally got something from Lookie Here! Ayu09, Poison20 and 10 Koki.
*Email Check* For giving Vending Machine my Past12, received Girls04.
*Evening* Leveling Up: Meiji11, Poison16, Ayu04, Girls05, Girls08. Chikara: Girls10, Girls13. Moved up to Junior, WHOO! New badge. xD

10/21: I received Girls01, Girls02 and 100 koki for the Lyrics Game

10/20: I traded ChibiTwinkle my Paradise05 for her Girls11.

10/16: I forgot to post up my Rose10 card yesterday.

10/15: I traded Jun my Art08 for her Girls18.
I received a Girls 06 for donating a button.
*Later* I traded my Boy04 for the Girls16 in The Swap Meet.

10/14: I received 9 cards, a water chikara and 100 Kiko.

10/13: I received my starter pack of 9 cards.
*Later* I received 2 choice cards.

Total Cards: 33
Total Value: 33
Stamps: None
Koki: 410
Chikaras: None

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